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The new I am Döner, Camden will be proudly serving the world-famous Christmas Dinner Doner including turkey doner meat and all the trimmings of Christmas including Brussels sprouts to stuffing all wrapped together. Don’t forget to bring your dog along as they will be able to enjoy their own dog friendly ice cream! 


With a focus on serving delicious food, the kebabs and bowls are made with the freshest ingredients from pickled cabbage and roasted vegetables and a choice of meat or plant-based proteins, all wrapped with fresh flatbreads handmade in store daily. Appealing to everyone! 


With I am Doner restaurants featuring in foodie hubs across the UK and in Dubai, Donar Kebabs are now set to take London by storm this Christmas.  


Founded by Paul Baron, a former Michelin experienced chef who took on the challenge of transforming the kebab from a late-night treat to something much more than a guilty pleasure. 


Each dish can be completely customised with tens of thousands of combinations available, with a highlight being the four levels of chilli sauce ranging from mild to some of the hottest sauce available on the market, with their own branded ultra-sauce ‘Hot as Hell’; packed full of habaneros and Carolina Reapers, then flavoured with garlic and blood orange juice. With not an extract in sight! 


Alongside the range of kebabs, salad, rice bowls and street cart fries, the store will feature a range of milkshakes and draught beer on tap; with 35 seats over two floors and a dedicated takeaway and delivery. 


I am Döner are also offering 50% off food 1st – 3rd December when Londoners signing up to


I am Döner Chalk Farm opens at midday on Friday 1st December. 


44 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, London NW1 8AJ 


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