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Are you obsessed with kebabs? Do you dream of döner? 


Well, your prayers have been answered with our new staycation pop-up property ‘Kebab House’.


Set to open later this year for kebab connoisseurs, our Kebab House will allow kebab super fans of a lifetime to have a sleepover in kebab heaven.


Scroll to discover what awaits in our I am Döner Kebab House!

I am Döner Kebab House Bedroom a virtual idea for a campaign

The Kebab House Living Room


Features include:

  • Condiment cabinet! Living it up with over 50 unique condiments to choose from during your stay!

  • Keep it clean! Stain-resistant sofa for any spillages

  • Post-coma cushion! Snuggle up with kebab cushions after your kebab coma

  • Scran and Snap! Grab that selfie with our neon motto.

The Kebab House Bedroom


Features include:

  • Naan Bread! Get a good night's sleep in your own Naan Bread!

  • Naan Curtains - ensuring you sleep like a ke-baby

  • Light Sauce! Read up on kebab history using the Hot sauce and Garlic sauce bottle lamps.

I am Döner Kebab House Living room  a virtual idea for a campaign
I am Döner Kebab House Bathroom

The Kebab House Bathroom


Features include:

  • Privacy guaranteed! Shower in peace with our foil-shower curtain.

  • Lettuce help! Protect your new hairstyle with a lettuce shower cap.

  • Chilli Out! Our custom chili kebabs will make your shower thoughts spicy!

Opening in Leeds, the home of I am Döner, the ‘Kebab House' will then travel to other UK cities, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and Newcastle, based on demand!


For your chance to stay over, simply fill in the form below stating your location and which city after Leeds you’d like to see our kebab house pop up next!

Thanks for submitting!

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