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© 2019 by I am Doner Ltd, Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA.

Company No. 10054550.



We've started a revolution from our little takeaway shop in Headingley, making the doner kebab more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated!


Traditionally you think a kebab as a bit of doner meat on pitta bread with some iceberg lettuce, but we are no stereotypical kebab shop! We use a total of 120 ingredients in the six kebabs we make. We have ten items of salad, feta cheese, homemade bread, homemade sauces and the highest quality meats. Because of this we attract a good bunch of sober people and have a very strong lunchtime offering as well as the evening trade.   





We give 10p to a local cause for every doner kebab we sell!

We know it’s a little cliched, but we want to be part our local communities! We've put our money where our mouth is and donate 10p of every kebab we sell to local causes. We donate this money to the community through micro-grants of up to £500 that we award to local causes & projects, with a focus on youth or music organisations. We aim to help 10-20 causes each year.

100% plastic free packaging


We set about trying to make all of our packaging recyclable - not using plastic that causes so much harm to the environment, in particular our oceans. That might sound like an easy task, but take it from us, it's not easy selling takeaway without plastic packaging! We're super proud to say we've done it. That's meant spending hours speaking to experts from DEFRA and other charities, searching high and low for new packaging suppliers, changing our drinks from bottles to cans and even creating the UK's first single serve ice cream in fully recyclable packaging. We're super chuffed to say this has been recognised in bloody parliament of all places! We've come so far and will continue on this mission to make how we work good for the world, not just our business.

Bragging rights

We won the top award at the British Kebab Award.

Our legendary Christmas dinner doner was on the telly, in national newspapers & on Buzzfeed!.

We sent Harry & Megan a doner kebab voucher as a wedding gift and ended up on the radio.

Our work on recyclable packaging has even be mentioned in parliament! 



I started my career in the catering industry as a pot washer in a small restaurant in Lancashire when I was 16. Working my way up over the years to working in Michelin starred restaurants and being trained by top chefs, ending up as Head chef in a restaurant in Clitheroe.

Food has been my life for as long as I remember, always wanting to improve and innovate. It had always been a dream of mine to run my own place one day and when I met my fiancé Alison White, 4 years ago that dream was set into motion.


I spent around a year travelling and researching, looking for inspiration and more importantly a gap in the market.

It was on a trip to Berlin that my passion for kebabs was reaffirmed and after some extensive research proved to be the gap in the market I was looking for.

I worked tirelessly for months on meat marinates, the perfect bread recipes, and the perfect blend of salads and sauces to make the ultimate kebab.

With little to no money on start-up I pulled in favours from everyone I knew who helped with everything from photography, manual labour, decorating, pickling cabbage to handing out flyers and serving customers.

Eighteen months later and it's crazy how far we've come! We've got big ambitions too, so watch this space. 



23 Otley Rd, Leeds LS6 3AA

Monday - Wednesday   5:00pm – Midnight

Thursday                             12pm - 12am

Friday & Saturday           12pm - 1:30am

Sunday                                 12pm - 10:30pm


Tel: 0113 274 8881

Email: helloheadingley@iamdoner.co.uk


30 Station Parade, Harrogate HG1 1TX, UK

Monday & Tuesday         5pm – 10:00pm

Wednesday                        5pm  - 10:00pm

Thursday                             12pm - 10:00pm 

Friday & Saturday           12pm - 1am

Sunday                                 12pm - 10:30pm

Tel: 01423 536681

Email: helloharrogate@iamdoner.co.uk